Coleman Vision HD Video Sunglasses Review


The sunglasses appear to be built well but I have read other reviews where people have had problems with dropping them and breaking the arm.  They fit very well on my face / head so I did not experience an issue with them falling off of my face.  I would suggest those wearing them while biking, boating or amusement rides to wear a strap so that the glasses will not fall off of your face and get damaged.

My package included sunglasses, carrying case, built-in lithium battery,  charger, USB cable, tinted polarized lenses, transparent lenses, Image Editing software,  with a 1 year warranty.

Video Quality

In my opinion the video quality is excellent.  I have tested it a few times and downloaded a video review on YouTube so that you can judge the quality for yourself before purchasing a pair.

Check out the video right here:

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