Easy Cash 4 Ads Review

What is Easy Cash 4 Ads?

Easy Cash 4 Ads is an affiliate system that allows you to promote your links/websites while capturing leads and building your list.  The system also allows you to make an affiliate commission once you are qualified.

The Opportunity

The price to join Easy Cash 4 Ads is $19.  A total of $9 is paid to the Admin for administrative costs.  The remaining $10 goes to the  affiliate’s sponsor.

The Easy Cash 4 Ads system uses the pass-up system which requires an affiliate to pass-up their first two referrals to their sponsor before they are qualified to earn sales.  It is on the third referral where the new affiliate will start earning $10 payments.  Each referral (after your second) that joined under you will also have to pass-up two referrals to you before they start to earn their first sale.  This process goes on and on as long as new referrals are joining under you and your team.

The Product

The product is ad space to advertise your link or website to all referrals who join through your link.  They will be presented with your website for 30 seconds before going to the members area every time they login to the Easy Cash 4 Ads system.


Easy Cash 4 Ads appears to be a good system to build up leads and advertise your business to them.  The amount of leads you attain is dependent on the work you do to advertise your Easy Cash 4 Ads link.  Your success with this system is totally up to you.

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The Easy Cash Phenomenon

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