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iBuumerang is a new business created by Chairman, Founder and CEO Holton Buggs.  Here is the leadership team he has built:

  • David Manning (CEO & President at XStream Travel)
  • Terrance Gray “T.Gray” (VP of Business Development)
  • Mark Kithcart (VP of Marketing)
  • Peter Hirsch (Chief Giving Officer of the Buum Foundation)
  • Lori Speers (Director of Travel Services)

They all have a very impressive history in business and the travel industry and it appears that Holton Buggs put together the best team for this new company launch.

The Company

iBuumerang gives you access to travel discounts through an engine called iGo.

iGo provides access to discounted flights, hotels, rental cars, cruises, homes, weeks, marketplace, lifestyle and timeshare.

The Affiliate (Travel Savings Ambassador) has the ability to earn commissions based on a percentage of savings when customers book a trip. They also earn from building a team of Travel Savings Ambassadors.

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Compensation Plan

The iBuumerang compensation plan allows you to get paid when a customer books a service or sponsor new affiliates.

This is paid through a binary and uni-level compensation plan.

You can also get additional bonuses like generation bonus, leadership bonus and a lifestyle bonus.

Travel Commissions

Customers get  a discount, and the Affiliate can earn up to 50% of what the customer saved when booking the service.

Example –  Trip A costs $400 but is offered through iGo at $300.

Let’s say iBuumerang books TRIP A for $400, but charges retail customer $300.

The Affiliate (TSA) can earn up to 50% of the $100 in savings the customer received.

So the affiliate who referred the retail customer gets up to 50% of the savings by the company.

  • Standby can earn up to 25% of Group trips referred.
  • Coach Class affiliates receive 50% of the 50%
  • Business and First Class affiliates receive 100% of the 50% in savings by the customer.

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Sponsoring Commissions

iBuumerang members are paid when they sponsor a Coach Class or higher affiliate:

  • Sponsor a Coach Class affiliate and get paid $20
  • Sponsor a Business Class affiliate and get paid $40
  • Sponsor a First Class affiliate and get paid $80

Uni-Level Residual Commissions

You can earn uni-level residual commissions on both bookings and affiliate fee’s.

The number of levels you get paid will depend on your rank:

  • TSA – 10% on level 1 (personally sponsored members)
  • Director and Senior Director – 10% on levels 1 and 2
  • Executive – 10% on levels 1 to 3
  • Sapphire – 10% on levels 1 to 3 and 8% on level 4
  • Ruby – 10% on levels 1 to 3, 8% on level 4 and 7% on level 5
  • Emerald – 10% on levels 1 to 3, 8% on level 4, 7% on level 5 and 6% on level 6
  • Diamond and higher – 10% on levels 1 to 3, 8% on level 4, 7% on level 5, 6% on level 6 and 5% on level 7

Binary Residual Commissions

In a binary, you have a left team and a right team.

In other words, there are only two positions under you…

These positions can be filled directly or indirectly by team members.

Residuals are paid on the commission volume that is made up of the booked travel and affiliate fee’s (both initial and monthly).

At the end of each week iBuumerang adds up all the volume and pays you on the lesser leg.

The amount of commissions you can earn each will be determined by your affiliate rank.

Leadership Development Bonus

Leadership development bonus is their generation bonus and pays four generations.

For you to have one generation, you must have at least a Sapphire or higher ranked member in your uni-level leg.

If you have TWO, that means you will get paid two generations.

Cost To Join iBuumerang

The cost to join iBuumerang is $49.95 per month as an affiliate.

You can purchase more expensive global packages as well:

  • Coach Class  – $250 + $49.95 a month
  • Business Class – $500 + $99 a month
  • First Class – $1000 + $99 a month

The main difference is the higher your package in price, the higher your commission rate.


iBuumerang is geared towards retail customers which is a great sign.  The downfall of most other network marketing companies is that it is all about recruitment (and an auto-ship of a product you may not use or is cheaper to purchase elsewhere).

I have become an affiliate and will keep you up to date on the progress of my journey with iBuumerang.

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